Customs procedures play a key role in our door to door service. It is an integral role in the supply chain and extensive knowledge of customs and quarantine requirements is paramount.

Our experienced licensed brokers have a fully computerized EDI link with Estonian Customs and Estonian Quarantine. We ensure correct procedures are implemented protecting your company from unnecessary delays and saving valuable time and money.


UMM has:

  • Highly experienced licensed customs brokers;
  • Customs clearance of sea freight shipments at all ports;
  • Comprehensive Customs Tariff advice;
  • Customs Tariff concession applications;
  • Fully computerized EDI link with Estonian Customs and Quarantine;
  • Licensed by the Estonian Quarantine Inspection Service (EQIS);
  • Licensed Customs Depot;
  • Corporate Broker Licence;
  • Membership with Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Estonia (CBFCE);
  • Customs clearance via our brokers (Estonian or Russian) is made in one day.


UMM brokerage team has a range and depth of experience in all areas of customs broking and tariff classifications allowing you to import with confidence.


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