Intermodal rail coverage


UMM Logistics Ltd. organizes daily rail shuttles between Herne and several places in Sweden. With own trucking equipment and the rail sevice totally under managment of UMM Logistics Ltd., a total intermodal supply chain can be achieved by combining rail and road transport.


Intermodal Door to Door solution

From loading till unloading, the cargo is under control by experienced staff. Not only the truckplanning but also the railplanning is done in Genemuiden, which makes it possible to follow the cargo the entire transport chain. With possibilities for longterm planning and an efficient loading and unloading operation, UMM Logistics Ltd. can offer his customers a complete door to door,  just in time service with a single point of contact.


High performance

With a modern ICT transport management and planning system connected by GPS to the canbus of the truck's, it is possible to monitor the actions of the equipment real time. This results in a high performance and service level with pro active problem solving and communication in case of problems.
By using rail transport as main carriage there is:

  • less influence of fluctuating fuel prices
  • less influence of driving hour restrictions
  • less influence of trafficjams and German Maut

Total mutimodal coverage

Via Herne a super rail conncetion between South Europe Italy and Sweden, and even further to Norway.


Routing possibilities

The railterminals in Göteborg and Katrineholm cannot only be used as hub to the north of Sweden or Norway, they can also be used for crossdocking. This results in more efficiency of loadingspace and gives also possibilities for less trailer loads and multistops.  



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